Why It Is Great To Be A Busker

;ady sat with a guitar on a bridge

For many musicians, a great learning curve surrounding your trade is to go busking. However, many feel uncertain, perhaps slightly apprehensive, which is why it is important to know why it is such a great thing to do. After all, there is very little difference than playing on stage but indeed, there are some benefits you may not have considered yet.

You relinquish stage fright

Naturally, standing up on stage the crowd already have expectations and even if you are a fantastic performer, without experience it can be incredibly nerve racking. When busking, nobody has any expectations of your performance, this means its a great way to gain confidence in you ability. Especially when all of a sudden you have a massive crowd listening in.

Social Media

Everyone loves a great busking performance. When they see something amazing happening on the streets, the first thing they do is whip out a phone and start recording. Think how many performers have gone viral this way! Who knows, you could be next.

You get paid

Not many buskers will rave about the amount of money they make, usually because it amounts to little more than pocket pennies. However, every now and then, on your finest day, you’ll find people can’t stop giving you money for your performance. Although this is a great aspect to busking, this also serves as another confidence booster.

guitar case

a buskers piggy bank

Overall, the most important thing to remember is to get out there and have fun. Nothing happens overnight and some of the greatest performers this world has ever seen started off busking on the streets. If you are considering performing in front of others, then most definitely get yourself out on the streets and gain all of the confidence you need until you are ready to hit the stage and rock the socks off of the world.