Waste Management For Your Old Instruments

5 Uses for Your Old Instruments; To Prevent Waste

Although such a subject as this could easily slip under the radar of everyday problems, the waste Management of old instruments is most certainly contributing to the current environmental detriment. OK, in all fairness it may be but a small contribution, but none the less, there are ways we can prevent it. Imagine how long the process is of recycling the materials used to make an instrument, and by then imagine the effect it may have had on the environment, plastic of course being the main culprit but along with many others. This is an agenda Waste Management Companies in South Africa like Averda have being trying to combat.

For musicians, this is great for creative waste management and for us to do our part.

Here are 5 Uses for Your Old Instruments; To Prevent Waste


Gumtree is a great online service which enables us to sell unwanted products, simply uploading an advertisement of your old instrument is a sure way to be certain is going to good use and most importantly, not rotting away in some waste disposal plant.

Charity Shops

Again, this is a fantastic way to be certain that your old equipment is going to good use and on top of that also supporting a charity.


Let’s say for example your instrument is no longer usable, I have seen many artists use the instrument as a trophy. Some hang them up, some are left in the corner to collect dust, however, they always become a reminder of the good times and hold sentimental value.

Turn it Into Art

Another us I have seen musicians use is turning their old instruments into a creative piece of art. I have seen beautiful carvings on the back of guitars and even seen someone make a clay cupid and stuck it on top of an old harp. Musicians are creative souls and I am certain you could think of something rather groovy!

Keep It!

Perhaps your old instrument isn’t what it once was, but sometimes keeping the instrument will at some point reveal new qualities that could only be forged by the test of time. With a newly discovered sound, the instrument is as good as new.

Waste Management Companies have many great solutions, but we can also find our own solutions to help them.