Music in a Workplace; Does it Help?

music in the workplace

Professionals say yes. Although there is a common misconception that suggests music within a workplace is more of a distraction than a beneficial tool, Mental Health training professionals & psychologists now determine the presence of music whilst working to have many advantages, physiological and practical. Meaning, those who listen to music whilst working are not only more effective but are also happier!

Here are the two sectors in which positive effects are most evident.

Cognitive Attributes

Music can be used for a number of positive benefits and one in particular that is overlooked is its cognitive effects.

. Music can be used as a tool for visualization. Naturally, the individual releases suppressed emotions through visualization that relate to the style of music being played.

. Listening to a soundtrack whilst working can also help to keep us focused and motivated. As we lose ourselves in the music we are then apt to act rather than waste time thinking.

. Music can also be used to promote positive habitual behaviors. As we listen to different styles of music we relate them to specific actions. As we repeat soundtracks that we relate to working and being productive we are then also likely to carry out the behavior physically.

Social Attributes

As our behavior can reflect the style of sound that we are listening to, we can unconsciously approach social situations and therefore create a pattern of behaviour with the way in which we interact with others. This, of course, can reflect positive and negative behavior.

. Soothing sounds such as songbirds or waves crashing against the shore are scientifically proven to put us into a state of peace. This can also be used with music that we personally relate to as soothing and as a result, when we approach others, we project a calming and passive energy.

. There is also the benefit of music being experienced communally and can create a sensation camaraderie and connection. This has been proven to enable an office environment to be more productive and less hostile in nature.

Companies such as Clearfocus (a mental health training company) say “Although music is seen to have diverse effects on the way we behave and interact with others, if it is used in the appropriate setting and style, the evidence indicates a clear improvement in mental health and in productivity.”

In conclusion, music can be used as a tool to benefit the well-being of employees and as a result, benefit the quality of work that is being delivered.

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