Cyber Security In The Music Industry


Should the subjects of Music and Cyber Security be important to one another? Absolutely yes. Yet, little do we think about the need for Cyber Security in the Music Industry and so, Here are some reasons why you should.

Protecting Your Material

Many people think that  backing up their data is enough to protect themselves from online hackers. However, Cyber Criminals need little more than to find a way to breach your database and if succeeded they are able to act at will and take whatever it is they want; they can literally go into your backed up data as if they were you. They could take uncountable sources of material to which could be sold on and leaked. For sure we will still get to hear the goods but the artists making a living out of their trade will lose out on their rightful earnings.

Protecting your data

Protecting Personal Data

All personal information which is transferred by a customer must be cared for and respectively looked after. If you have music on sell, instruments or anything where there is money and details being transferred and have not correctly implemented Cyber Security protection, it might not be the music which is hacked an leaked this time but the information of those buying the product. 

Personal information on bank card

Protecting Client Information

Protect Your Brands Integrity

One can only imagine the knock on effect to your company if client personal data has been breached and stolen. Apart from potentially being completely put out of pocket due to getting sued, your reputation may very well go flying out the window along with your money. Without a respected integrity that customers relate with your services then there is little hope in continuing business.


How To Keep Your Brand Safe

The Cyber Security Industry is expected to make 100s of billions in profits in the next few years. This is quite simply because everyone needs it. If you have a business that operates online in anyway, then you need it – FACT. So understandably, the only way to truly remain safe from hackers is turning to the professionals that can provide services such as; Penetration Testing, like that of PGI who also provide ongoing Cyber Security. Working with companies such as PGI is not about forking out for insurance, it is a partnership in keeping your business safe. Perhaps the people who are failing to recognise this are the ones who are being breached and risk catastrophe.