Can Music Make You Fitter?

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True or false, can music make you fitter, faster and more inclined to exercise? There is much discussion into the effect of music on a person’s motivation to exercise and fitness levels themselves. So if this is the case then how can music make us fitter?



Waking up to a positive track in the mornings might just be the thing you need to get yourself to the gym. A happy and upbeat song is enough to kick start your motivation and prepare you for a day of fitness and exercise. It has been proven that listening to buoyant and happy music first thing can alter a person’s mood and have a positive influence on their attitude. The perfect way to set up your day.

Set Alarm

Morning Alarm


Physical Performance

Ever find yourself feeling sluggish during a workout? Sports science research has started to uncover the true effect that high tempo music can have on the speed of which you work out. So next time you hit that wall, whether its during your afternoon run, cycle through the park or lengths in the pool, shuffle that playlist and speed up your song choice to some fast beat tracks to get those legs moving faster.

Red Brick Wall

Hitting A Wall


Pumped Up

Music can be a great way to get pumped up. We can all relate to that pre-game song, which gets you psyched up and in the zone, ready to perform at your best. Take this idea into the gym, and find some motivational tracks that help you make the most of your fitness session.

Fitness Equipment

Gym Equipment


Not only does music make work-outs seem more fun and effortless, but the science also suggests that adding music to your fitness session will greatly improve your performance. So stick on your favourite tune and get sweating.