Best Interior Design Tips For a Home Made Studio

Musicians from all over the globe often wish of having a second to none, epic homemade music studio. If you’re a musician, it doesn’t get better than being able to play the music you love most and implement the quality which you have always envisioned so here are The Best Interior Design Tips For a Home Made Studio.

Here are Interior Design Tips For a Homemade Studio on a Budget

home made music studio

design tips for home made music studio

Firstly, Use The Biggest of You Spare Rooms or Get Rid of The Spare Bedroom You Don’t Need

One of the beneficial interior design tips you could ever know is learning is and is not possible with the space you have i your home. Effectively, this means efficiency and simplicity because you’ll need to segregate your room into 2 where one part is for the producing equipment and the other is for the both. If however, you are blessed with a gigantic spare room, which is just waiting to have incredible Homemade Music Studio put in place, then you can flirt with other novelties. 

  • Do measurement research on equipment first
  • For additional novelties you can always check out charity stores for more bang for your buck
  • Print posters of favorite musicians and eliminate them, and put into frames
  • What colour are you after? often on gumtree painter and decorators are getting rid of their paint free of charge as long as you are prepared to pick the paint up
  • Hang up old or broken instruments as memorabilia’s
  • DIY Soundproofing ……
  • Use a professional Interior Designer who knows what they’re doing. This is massively cost effective because you’ll be out of your own way. Definitely check out Interior Designers such is Lisa Bradburn or at the very least, check out other YouTube tutorials. 
    lady playing guitar

    interior design tips for a music studio


    Your own imagination is your own limit. don’t get to bogged down with the size of your room and let what you have naturally form your design. You’ll be able to make the most immense space for your studio and you’ll be grateful for following through with the idea!!

3 Ways to Get Your Music Out There


One of the roughest rides for musicians is getting their content heard by the public. Indeed there are no guarantees and sometimes a little luck is needed. Here are 3 ways which are easy and effective and may very well prove to become your big break.

Here Are 3 Ways to Get Your Music Out There


It is no secret that YouTube is one of the greatest platforms to release your content. However, it is a very competitive market so be sure to do your research. The great thing about releasing your music to YouTube is that if a single video starts trending it will catch on like wild fire. Especially if you are unique and engaging.

iphone with youtube on screen

put your music on youtube


SoundCloud is old enough now to be known as old-school but it is still a very popular format that the public turn to to find new musicians. You can upload all of your songs and even market your releases on social media platforms to get yourself ahead. People like SoundCloud because it is authentic and hosts every kind of musician you can imagine. There are many great artists just waiting to be found through SounCloud and you could very well be one of them!


let people hear your music on soundcloud

Support Local Musicians With Greater Leverage

One of the greatest things about supporting local musicians, especially those who have a greater fan base and thus, leverage, is that you can become a part of their market. From there you will have the opportunity to gain your own fan base and followers will always support your content. This is also a great cross over when using social media to market your content because the more fans you get, the more shares you will receive. This will help your fan base to keep expanding.


be a support act at a local gig

There is no easy way to get yourself out there. These 3 tips may seem to easy and to simple to have any effect but you’ll never know unless you try. If others have made it through these formats then so can you!

Cyber Security In The Music Industry


Should the subjects of Music and Cyber Security be important to one another? Absolutely yes. Yet, little do we think about the need for Cyber Security in the Music Industry and so, Here are some reasons why you should.

Protecting Your Material

Many people think that  backing up their data is enough to protect themselves from online hackers. However, Cyber Criminals need little more than to find a way to breach your database and if succeeded they are able to act at will and take whatever it is they want; they can literally go into your backed up data as if they were you. They could take uncountable sources of material to which could be sold on and leaked. For sure we will still get to hear the goods but the artists making a living out of their trade will lose out on their rightful earnings.

Protecting your data

Protecting Personal Data

All personal information which is transferred by a customer must be cared for and respectively looked after. If you have music on sell, instruments or anything where there is money and details being transferred and have not correctly implemented Cyber Security protection, it might not be the music which is hacked an leaked this time but the information of those buying the product. 

Personal information on bank card

Protecting Client Information

Protect Your Brands Integrity

One can only imagine the knock on effect to your company if client personal data has been breached and stolen. Apart from potentially being completely put out of pocket due to getting sued, your reputation may very well go flying out the window along with your money. Without a respected integrity that customers relate with your services then there is little hope in continuing business.


How To Keep Your Brand Safe

The Cyber Security Industry is expected to make 100s of billions in profits in the next few years. This is quite simply because everyone needs it. If you have a business that operates online in anyway, then you need it – FACT. So understandably, the only way to truly remain safe from hackers is turning to the professionals that can provide services such as; Penetration Testing, like that of PGI who also provide ongoing Cyber Security. Working with companies such as PGI is not about forking out for insurance, it is a partnership in keeping your business safe. Perhaps the people who are failing to recognise this are the ones who are being breached and risk catastrophe.



Can Music Make You Fitter?

Health Rocks

True or false, can music make you fitter, faster and more inclined to exercise? There is much discussion into the effect of music on a person’s motivation to exercise and fitness levels themselves. So if this is the case then how can music make us fitter?



Waking up to a positive track in the mornings might just be the thing you need to get yourself to the gym. A happy and upbeat song is enough to kick start your motivation and prepare you for a day of fitness and exercise. It has been proven that listening to buoyant and happy music first thing can alter a person’s mood and have a positive influence on their attitude. The perfect way to set up your day.

Set Alarm

Morning Alarm


Physical Performance

Ever find yourself feeling sluggish during a workout? Sports science research has started to uncover the true effect that high tempo music can have on the speed of which you work out. So next time you hit that wall, whether its during your afternoon run, cycle through the park or lengths in the pool, shuffle that playlist and speed up your song choice to some fast beat tracks to get those legs moving faster.

Red Brick Wall

Hitting A Wall


Pumped Up

Music can be a great way to get pumped up. We can all relate to that pre-game song, which gets you psyched up and in the zone, ready to perform at your best. Take this idea into the gym, and find some motivational tracks that help you make the most of your fitness session.

Fitness Equipment

Gym Equipment


Not only does music make work-outs seem more fun and effortless, but the science also suggests that adding music to your fitness session will greatly improve your performance. So stick on your favourite tune and get sweating.

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn An Instrument

A Violin On The Floor

Here are our top 3 reasons why playing music is so brilliant for you. If you have considered learning to play an instrument but have yet to make it happen, or used to play and no longer make the time for it, we hope this article becomes the turning point to get back on the musical band wagon.

  1. Intelligence

There are a large number of studies that suggest that there is a direct link between a person’s intelligence and playing an instrument. When we learn an instrument it fuels and strengthens specific parts of the brain. It increases your abstract skills which are essential for learning math and science. It also greatly increases your ability to learn new languages, and your general coordination. Many famous great minds played a musical instrument, such as Albert Einstein and Charles Dickens.

Two People Playing Chess

A Game Of Chess

  1. Stress Relief

Similar to sport, or any activity you enjoy doing, playing a musical instrument is a brilliant stress reliever. Whilst playing music, your mind is focused on doing just that, allowing any stressors and negative thoughts to just fade away.  Playing an instrument increases your self-belief, so you feel more optimistic and elevated.

Hindu - Sky


  1. Self Confidence

Learning a new skill gives you a huge sense of achievement. The sensation of playing a great piece of music is fantastic, and will leave you feeling vibrant and proud. Another reason your confidence grows is through performance, whether your performing for your parents, mates or strangers, it is a brilliant way to overcome stage fright.

A Man With A Lot Of Confidence

A Confident Man

There you have it, 3 great reasons to head to the local guitar store, music class or wipe off that dusty piano top and start practicing. Only then will you begin to reap the many beautiful rewards of playing a musical instrument. – We would love to hear the benefits you feel learning and playing a musical instrument gives you, and why.

Top 3 Festivals in The UK This Summer – 2018

festival lights

Make no mistake people, this summer’s festive season will full upon you with blazing bliss before you know it and if you haven’t wizened to early preparation, you’ll be amongst the saddened souls who are missing out on these top 3 festivals in the UK this summer. 

Board Masters

Born and now based down in Newquay, Cornwall, this summer festival held in mid-august is a must visit this 2018. The festival has been running since the late 90s and has a surf and skate vibe with the stages overlooking one of Cornwall’s best surf beach. Past years have seen acts performing such Bastille, Faithless, Rudimental, Snoop Dogg, Chase and Status. If you’re after sunshine, sea and amazing tunes, then there it is.


Regarded as a major event in British culture and held on the last weekend of June in Pilton, Somerset, Glastonbury is a whirl wind of dance, comedy, theatre, circus and cabaret. If you want a week to remember for ever (or try to) then Glasto is the one. With massive pop, rock and dance artists headlining as well as hundreds of upcoming artists on smaller stages and performance areas.

Apparently the headliner has been confirmed


Bestival is an award winning boutique music festival set at the Lulworth Estate, Dorset and held in early August. If you’re a lover of brilliant music and even better company but slumming it in a broken wet tent isn’t your thing, then Bestival is. Then how does this sound- awake in the morning to your luxary Tipi, Podpad or cloud house and start the day with a Jacuzzi, then head off to enjoy acts such as London Grammar, Plan B and M.I.A.

Whats in store for Bestival 2018

All we know is, we will 100% be there. We are Hoping that this article will at least prompt you to consider what welly boots you will bring!

Don’t miss out on any of these Top 3 Festivals in The Uk This Summer

2018’s Most Popular Artists

cool lady sitting

Although the year is very young and there will many musicians bursting through the window of international fame, we are pretty certain who 2018’s most popular artists will be. 1 of them is obviously ginger, the rest we will leave for you to debate with us or perhaps, even agree with us.

Here is 2018’s Most Popular Artists

1- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Since releasing his debut album ‘+’he has been certified seven-times platinum in the UKand wow has he kept souring. This year he is still gracing the charts with some beautiful songs to add straight to our ITunes library, including ‘Shape Of You’ & ‘Perfect Duet’.

Here is a little look at what ed produced in 2017, what else will he do in 2018

2- Mabel

Mabel has been around for a little while but I feel this year is her one. She has snuck her way into the top 40 with her song ‘Fine Line – Ft. Not3s’. Spanish born but English/ Swedish singer, she has produced something new and different.

Mabel pushed her name out there in 2017, 2018 she is going to absolutely explode

3- Justin Timberlake

Yes, he’s back on the scene, and we are loving it! Justin the actor, singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer has left us lost of a few years, but it has been well worth the wait. His new song ‘Say Something’ has blown us away, and we cannot wait to hear more of him this 2018. He has recently stated that his new music “sounds more like where I’ve come from than any other music I’ve ever made… It’s Southern American music. But I want to make it sound modern – at least that’s the idea right now.”

Justin is back and whenever he is around, he is the biggest thing going!

We would love to hear your thoughts on who you believe will be 2018’s most popular artists!

3 Reasons Why Music Creates Confidence

a crowd sufer

Music creates confidence after all, ever wandered why musicians are just so cool? As far as one could measure what it means to be cool, musicians usually raise the bar far above your average lady and man. However, musicians are rarely born this way, the art of confidence is more often than not a complementary benefit to years of nerve racking performances, failure after failure and once upon a time being as goofy as you and I.

1) A creative skill to identify with

Playing a musical instrument or being able to sing or perform gives you something to identify with. It can make you feel part of a community and allow you to flourish within that. Connecting with others who share the same passion gives you a common ground and a way in which to communicate through passion.

band playing closely together

from zero to creative hero

2) Performing in front of other

There is no better way to improve confidence than to stand up in front of a crowd of staring faces and perform. Performance teaches you skills such a presence on stage, how to interact with an audience whilst staying calm and remembering your piece.

performer in the crowd

performing in front of thousands = feeling like a king

3) Overcoming the challenge of learning

Who remembers picking up a guitar and not having a clue how that previous person created such beautiful sounds so effortlessly. Learning to sing or play an instrument can prove extremely challenging, but with practice you can learn. The concept of trying something new and building your skill level is a brilliant way to build confidence, showing yourself that it is indeed possible, and this positive learning attitude can be used in all aspects of learning.

young boy with guitar

learning to play guitar has no age advantage

Here we can see that although musicians are quite often the coolest people on the planet, never did they start off that way. It takes hard work to be as cool as a cucumber!

Why It Is Great To Be A Busker

;ady sat with a guitar on a bridge

For many musicians, a great learning curve surrounding your trade is to go busking. However, many feel uncertain, perhaps slightly apprehensive, which is why it is important to know why it is such a great thing to do. After all, there is very little difference than playing on stage but indeed, there are some benefits you may not have considered yet.

You relinquish stage fright

Naturally, standing up on stage the crowd already have expectations and even if you are a fantastic performer, without experience it can be incredibly nerve racking. When busking, nobody has any expectations of your performance, this means its a great way to gain confidence in you ability. Especially when all of a sudden you have a massive crowd listening in.

Social Media

Everyone loves a great busking performance. When they see something amazing happening on the streets, the first thing they do is whip out a phone and start recording. Think how many performers have gone viral this way! Who knows, you could be next.

You get paid

Not many buskers will rave about the amount of money they make, usually because it amounts to little more than pocket pennies. However, every now and then, on your finest day, you’ll find people can’t stop giving you money for your performance. Although this is a great aspect to busking, this also serves as another confidence booster.

guitar case

a buskers piggy bank

Overall, the most important thing to remember is to get out there and have fun. Nothing happens overnight and some of the greatest performers this world has ever seen started off busking on the streets. If you are considering performing in front of others, then most definitely get yourself out on the streets and gain all of the confidence you need until you are ready to hit the stage and rock the socks off of the world.

Being a Musician on A working Holiday in the UK


One of the major benefits to being a skilled musician is the fact that your skill will enable you to find a means for financial support anywhere in the world. A destination which many travellers (let alone musicians) dream about is the UK, but for musicians particularly, there is an incredible benefit to using your trade as work. This benefit is PAYE Tax Refunds, but what is it and most importantly, why is it so great?

UK PAYE Tax Refunds?

Its stands for (Pay as you earn). Basically after every pay packet you will have to be deducted in tax, however, at the end of the working tax year, every pence of tax you have paid whilst earning under the tax threshold is refundable. Meaning at the end of the year, you will be able to fill your wallets up with the money which is rightfully yours.

Why is this so great?

Well, this is fantastic news because whilst you are earning money with your trade, although you will be paying tax, you will also be saving by default. The glory of this is that it doesn’t feel anything like saving in the slightest. We accept tax and then we budget our costs with what we are left with, so when tax is taken from your pay packet, it is not something that keeps you up at night, it has already been accepted. But with PAYE Tax Refunds, you actually have a piggy bank which is collecting pennies throughout the year.

The best news of all!

This unknown savings account can fund you to travel to your next destination, where you can continue to perform to a different culture and discover new horizons. Who would have thought that tax can help you achieve this?

The tax experts at can help you take full advantage of this. Don’t miss out on the pennies which are yours!

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