3 Ways to Get Your Music Out There


One of the roughest rides for musicians is getting their content heard by the public. Indeed there are no guarantees and sometimes a little luck is needed. Here are 3 ways which are easy and effective and may very well prove to become your big break.

Here Are 3 Ways to Get Your Music Out There


It is no secret that YouTube is one of the greatest platforms to release your content. However, it is a very competitive market so be sure to do your research. The great thing about releasing your music to YouTube is that if a single video starts trending it will catch on like wild fire. Especially if you are unique and engaging.

iphone with youtube on screen

put your music on youtube


SoundCloud is old enough now to be known as old-school but it is still a very popular format that the public turn to to find new musicians. You can upload all of your songs and even market your releases on social media platforms to get yourself ahead. People like SoundCloud because it is authentic and hosts every kind of musician you can imagine. There are many great artists just waiting to be found through SounCloud and you could very well be one of them!


let people hear your music on soundcloud

Support Local Musicians With Greater Leverage

One of the greatest things about supporting local musicians, especially those who have a greater fan base and thus, leverage, is that you can become a part of their market. From there you will have the opportunity to gain your own fan base and followers will always support your content. This is also a great cross over when using social media to market your content because the more fans you get, the more shares you will receive. This will help your fan base to keep expanding.


be a support act at a local gig

There is no easy way to get yourself out there. These 3 tips may seem to easy and to simple to have any effect but you’ll never know unless you try. If others have made it through these formats then so can you!