3 Reasons Why You Should Learn An Instrument

A Violin On The Floor

Here are our top 3 reasons why playing music is so brilliant for you. If you have considered learning to play an instrument but have yet to make it happen, or used to play and no longer make the time for it, we hope this article becomes the turning point to get back on the musical band wagon.

  1. Intelligence

There are a large number of studies that suggest that there is a direct link between a person’s intelligence and playing an instrument. When we learn an instrument it fuels and strengthens specific parts of the brain. It increases your abstract skills which are essential for learning math and science. It also greatly increases your ability to learn new languages, and your general coordination. Many famous great minds played a musical instrument, such as Albert Einstein and Charles Dickens.

Two People Playing Chess

A Game Of Chess

  1. Stress Relief

Similar to sport, or any activity you enjoy doing, playing a musical instrument is a brilliant stress reliever. Whilst playing music, your mind is focused on doing just that, allowing any stressors and negative thoughts to just fade away.  Playing an instrument increases your self-belief, so you feel more optimistic and elevated.

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  1. Self Confidence

Learning a new skill gives you a huge sense of achievement. The sensation of playing a great piece of music is fantastic, and will leave you feeling vibrant and proud. Another reason your confidence grows is through performance, whether your performing for your parents, mates or strangers, it is a brilliant way to overcome stage fright.

A Man With A Lot Of Confidence

A Confident Man

There you have it, 3 great reasons to head to the local guitar store, music class or wipe off that dusty piano top and start practicing. Only then will you begin to reap the many beautiful rewards of playing a musical instrument. – We would love to hear the benefits you feel learning and playing a musical instrument gives you, and why.