3 Reasons Why Music Creates Confidence

a crowd sufer

Music creates confidence after all, ever wandered why musicians are just so cool? As far as one could measure what it means to be cool, musicians usually raise the bar far above your average lady and man. However, musicians are rarely born this way, the art of confidence is more often than not a complementary benefit to years of nerve racking performances, failure after failure and once upon a time being as goofy as you and I.

1) A creative skill to identify with

Playing a musical instrument or being able to sing or perform gives you something to identify with. It can make you feel part of a community and allow you to flourish within that. Connecting with others who share the same passion gives you a common ground and a way in which to communicate through passion.

band playing closely together

from zero to creative hero

2) Performing in front of other

There is no better way to improve confidence than to stand up in front of a crowd of staring faces and perform. Performance teaches you skills such a presence on stage, how to interact with an audience whilst staying calm and remembering your piece.

performer in the crowd

performing in front of thousands = feeling like a king

3) Overcoming the challenge of learning

Who remembers picking up a guitar and not having a clue how that previous person created such beautiful sounds so effortlessly. Learning to sing or play an instrument can prove extremely challenging, but with practice you can learn. The concept of trying something new and building your skill level is a brilliant way to build confidence, showing yourself that it is indeed possible, and this positive learning attitude can be used in all aspects of learning.

young boy with guitar

learning to play guitar has no age advantage

Here we can see that although musicians are quite often the coolest people on the planet, never did they start off that way. It takes hard work to be as cool as a cucumber!