Top 3 Festivals in The UK This Summer – 2018

festival lights

Make no mistake people, this summer’s festive season will full upon you with blazing bliss before you know it and if you haven’t wizened to early preparation, you’ll be amongst the saddened souls who are missing out on these top 3 festivals in the UK this summer. 

Board Masters

Born and now based down in Newquay, Cornwall, this summer festival held in mid-august is a must visit this 2018. The festival has been running since the late 90s and has a surf and skate vibe with the stages overlooking one of Cornwall’s best surf beach. Past years have seen acts performing such Bastille, Faithless, Rudimental, Snoop Dogg, Chase and Status. If you’re after sunshine, sea and amazing tunes, then there it is.


Regarded as a major event in British culture and held on the last weekend of June in Pilton, Somerset, Glastonbury is a whirl wind of dance, comedy, theatre, circus and cabaret. If you want a week to remember for ever (or try to) then Glasto is the one. With massive pop, rock and dance artists headlining as well as hundreds of upcoming artists on smaller stages and performance areas.

Apparently the headliner has been confirmed


Bestival is an award winning boutique music festival set at the Lulworth Estate, Dorset and held in early August. If you’re a lover of brilliant music and even better company but slumming it in a broken wet tent isn’t your thing, then Bestival is. Then how does this sound- awake in the morning to your luxary Tipi, Podpad or cloud house and start the day with a Jacuzzi, then head off to enjoy acts such as London Grammar, Plan B and M.I.A.

Whats in store for Bestival 2018

All we know is, we will 100% be there. We are Hoping that this article will at least prompt you to consider what welly boots you will bring!

Don’t miss out on any of these Top 3 Festivals in The Uk This Summer

2018’s Most Popular Artists

cool lady sitting

Although the year is very young and there will many musicians bursting through the window of international fame, we are pretty certain who 2018’s most popular artists will be. 1 of them is obviously ginger, the rest we will leave for you to debate with us or perhaps, even agree with us.

Here is 2018’s Most Popular Artists

1- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Since releasing his debut album ‘+’he has been certified seven-times platinum in the UKand wow has he kept souring. This year he is still gracing the charts with some beautiful songs to add straight to our ITunes library, including ‘Shape Of You’ & ‘Perfect Duet’.

Here is a little look at what ed produced in 2017, what else will he do in 2018

2- Mabel

Mabel has been around for a little while but I feel this year is her one. She has snuck her way into the top 40 with her song ‘Fine Line – Ft. Not3s’. Spanish born but English/ Swedish singer, she has produced something new and different.

Mabel pushed her name out there in 2017, 2018 she is going to absolutely explode

3- Justin Timberlake

Yes, he’s back on the scene, and we are loving it! Justin the actor, singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer has left us lost of a few years, but it has been well worth the wait. His new song ‘Say Something’ has blown us away, and we cannot wait to hear more of him this 2018. He has recently stated that his new music “sounds more like where I’ve come from than any other music I’ve ever made… It’s Southern American music. But I want to make it sound modern – at least that’s the idea right now.”

Justin is back and whenever he is around, he is the biggest thing going!

We would love to hear your thoughts on who you believe will be 2018’s most popular artists!

3 Reasons Why Music Creates Confidence

a crowd sufer

Music creates confidence after all, ever wandered why musicians are just so cool? As far as one could measure what it means to be cool, musicians usually raise the bar far above your average lady and man. However, musicians are rarely born this way, the art of confidence is more often than not a complementary benefit to years of nerve racking performances, failure after failure and once upon a time being as goofy as you and I.

1) A creative skill to identify with

Playing a musical instrument or being able to sing or perform gives you something to identify with. It can make you feel part of a community and allow you to flourish within that. Connecting with others who share the same passion gives you a common ground and a way in which to communicate through passion.

band playing closely together

from zero to creative hero

2) Performing in front of other

There is no better way to improve confidence than to stand up in front of a crowd of staring faces and perform. Performance teaches you skills such a presence on stage, how to interact with an audience whilst staying calm and remembering your piece.

performer in the crowd

performing in front of thousands = feeling like a king

3) Overcoming the challenge of learning

Who remembers picking up a guitar and not having a clue how that previous person created such beautiful sounds so effortlessly. Learning to sing or play an instrument can prove extremely challenging, but with practice you can learn. The concept of trying something new and building your skill level is a brilliant way to build confidence, showing yourself that it is indeed possible, and this positive learning attitude can be used in all aspects of learning.

young boy with guitar

learning to play guitar has no age advantage

Here we can see that although musicians are quite often the coolest people on the planet, never did they start off that way. It takes hard work to be as cool as a cucumber!

Why It Is Great To Be A Busker

;ady sat with a guitar on a bridge

For many musicians, a great learning curve surrounding your trade is to go busking. However, many feel uncertain, perhaps slightly apprehensive, which is why it is important to know why it is such a great thing to do. After all, there is very little difference than playing on stage but indeed, there are some benefits you may not have considered yet.

You relinquish stage fright

Naturally, standing up on stage the crowd already have expectations and even if you are a fantastic performer, without experience it can be incredibly nerve racking. When busking, nobody has any expectations of your performance, this means its a great way to gain confidence in you ability. Especially when all of a sudden you have a massive crowd listening in.

Social Media

Everyone loves a great busking performance. When they see something amazing happening on the streets, the first thing they do is whip out a phone and start recording. Think how many performers have gone viral this way! Who knows, you could be next.

You get paid

Not many buskers will rave about the amount of money they make, usually because it amounts to little more than pocket pennies. However, every now and then, on your finest day, you’ll find people can’t stop giving you money for your performance. Although this is a great aspect to busking, this also serves as another confidence booster.

guitar case

a buskers piggy bank

Overall, the most important thing to remember is to get out there and have fun. Nothing happens overnight and some of the greatest performers this world has ever seen started off busking on the streets. If you are considering performing in front of others, then most definitely get yourself out on the streets and gain all of the confidence you need until you are ready to hit the stage and rock the socks off of the world.

Being a Musician on A working Holiday in the UK


One of the major benefits to being a skilled musician is the fact that your skill will enable you to find a means for financial support anywhere in the world. A destination which many travellers (let alone musicians) dream about is the UK, but for musicians particularly, there is an incredible benefit to using your trade as work. This benefit is PAYE Tax Refunds, but what is it and most importantly, why is it so great?

UK PAYE Tax Refunds?

Its stands for (Pay as you earn). Basically after every pay packet you will have to be deducted in tax, however, at the end of the working tax year, every pence of tax you have paid whilst earning under the tax threshold is refundable. Meaning at the end of the year, you will be able to fill your wallets up with the money which is rightfully yours.

Why is this so great?

Well, this is fantastic news because whilst you are earning money with your trade, although you will be paying tax, you will also be saving by default. The glory of this is that it doesn’t feel anything like saving in the slightest. We accept tax and then we budget our costs with what we are left with, so when tax is taken from your pay packet, it is not something that keeps you up at night, it has already been accepted. But with PAYE Tax Refunds, you actually have a piggy bank which is collecting pennies throughout the year.

The best news of all!

This unknown savings account can fund you to travel to your next destination, where you can continue to perform to a different culture and discover new horizons. Who would have thought that tax can help you achieve this?

The tax experts at can help you take full advantage of this. Don’t miss out on the pennies which are yours!

Waste Management For Your Old Instruments

5 Uses for Your Old Instruments; To Prevent Waste

Although such a subject as this could easily slip under the radar of everyday problems, the waste Management of old instruments is most certainly contributing to the current environmental detriment. OK, in all fairness it may be but a small contribution, but none the less, there are ways we can prevent it. Imagine how long the process is of recycling the materials used to make an instrument, and by then imagine the effect it may have had on the environment, plastic of course being the main culprit but along with many others. This is an agenda Waste Management Companies in South Africa like Averda have being trying to combat.

For musicians, this is great for creative waste management and for us to do our part.

Here are 5 Uses for Your Old Instruments; To Prevent Waste


Gumtree is a great online service which enables us to sell unwanted products, simply uploading an advertisement of your old instrument is a sure way to be certain is going to good use and most importantly, not rotting away in some waste disposal plant.

Charity Shops

Again, this is a fantastic way to be certain that your old equipment is going to good use and on top of that also supporting a charity.


Let’s say for example your instrument is no longer usable, I have seen many artists use the instrument as a trophy. Some hang them up, some are left in the corner to collect dust, however, they always become a reminder of the good times and hold sentimental value.

Turn it Into Art

Another us I have seen musicians use is turning their old instruments into a creative piece of art. I have seen beautiful carvings on the back of guitars and even seen someone make a clay cupid and stuck it on top of an old harp. Musicians are creative souls and I am certain you could think of something rather groovy!

Keep It!

Perhaps your old instrument isn’t what it once was, but sometimes keeping the instrument will at some point reveal new qualities that could only be forged by the test of time. With a newly discovered sound, the instrument is as good as new.

Waste Management Companies have many great solutions, but we can also find our own solutions to help them.


Reasons Why Kids should listen to music

There are of course a number of obvious reasons why kids should listen to music on headphones but amongst this list are aspects that actually enable kids to grow as individuals. Listening to music as a form of pleasure is not only great because it is enjoyable but because it allows kids to begin to become creatively involved within the art of making music. This is why companies like Snuggly Rascals who offer ultra-comfortable, super soft kids headphones is so great for the music industry.

Reasons why listening to music is great for kids.



Beyond various forms of teaching, listening to music can aid kids in learning a deeper understanding of the English language and the meanings behind lyrics. This helps them to become compassionate for others when relating to the emotions they experienced through music with everyday life. This as a result, helps kids to express themselves not only more accurately but also creatively. Which brings on the next reason.



It is proven by science that kids who start listening to various forms of music grow in the ability to be creative. This not only helps kids to express the interests in music, but also grow a greater understanding art and engage with appreciation for all creative outlets. As a result, kids also gain a greater capacity to learn and understand new concepts.


Its Fun

Listening to music can create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere whilst engaging in activities. An example of this is the faculty teaching your kids the art of responsibility by doing household tasks, what better way than to show them that it can in fact be an exciting experience. As a result, this shows kids that the things we find fun are also the things we will do with great accomplishment.


Weather creating music or simply listening to it, it is a great way for kids to learn and be creative. So many kids enjoy having personal time with music which is why so many parents have been turning to Snuggly Rascals for brilliant children’s headphones.

How Fibre Optics Helps The Music Industry

There are not many businesses that can say they are untouched by the advances of technology and it has become a theme, where a business must go with the stream or be left behind. Expanding beyond what is now recognised as old technology is the creation of Fibre Optics and Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, and now industries such as, the Music Industry is turning towards the advantages of this technology to ensure a level effectiveness regarding the way in which they network and remain online. This is why so many companies that exist in the Music Industry turn toward the high tech products that ProLabs has to offer. As it has now become a case of go with or be left behind.


Uses for Fibre Optics

How many practical applications can there be by streaming light down a plastic pipe? Well, just as electricity can power machinery, beams of light power and carry sources of information. People within society rarely notice how common fibre-optic cables have become, which is mostly due to the laser-powered signals they carry are actually flickering beneath our feet. The industries that are now using this technology is now countless and is still expanding, but how does it help with businesses such as the Music Industry.


Computer networks

Fibre Optic cables are now the most common and effective way of carrying information over long distances. This is because they have three huge advantages over old copper cables:

Less attenuation (signal loss):
 Information travels 10 times further until it needs amplifying—which makes fibre networks simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain.

No interference:
Fortunately, unlike with copper cables, fibre optics does not have any “crosstalk” (electromagnetic interference) between fibres, so they transmit information more reliably with better signal quality and carry information more efficiently.

Higher bandwidth:
Fibre-optic cables carry far more data than copper cables of the same diameter meaning that all data is being transferred without interruption but with higher quantity.


What Does This Mean For My Business?

We most commonly wish to see the differences with our own eyes to be certain we have made the best choice. However, with technology like Fibre Optics, the changes that you will  see is the transformation of network and communication. This means, the most likely change above all, is consistency and efficiency. By turning to Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, communicating is now easier, more reliable and furthermore, whilst you are transferring data, it will be without disruption. As a result, Fibre Optics is not only more effective, more efficient, it is also incredibly cheaper to maintain.


More individuals are realising that it is what goes on behind there scenes that help their businesses only in this case, it is what goes on beneath the ground. This is why people have been seeking out companies like ProLabs to ensure all of their systems will function without default.


Music in a Workplace; Does it Help?

music in the workplace

Professionals say yes. Although there is a common misconception that suggests music within a workplace is more of a distraction than a beneficial tool, Mental Health training professionals & psychologists now determine the presence of music whilst working to have many advantages, physiological and practical. Meaning, those who listen to music whilst working are not only more effective but are also happier!

Here are the two sectors in which positive effects are most evident.

Cognitive Attributes

Music can be used for a number of positive benefits and one in particular that is overlooked is its cognitive effects.

. Music can be used as a tool for visualization. Naturally, the individual releases suppressed emotions through visualization that relate to the style of music being played.

. Listening to a soundtrack whilst working can also help to keep us focused and motivated. As we lose ourselves in the music we are then apt to act rather than waste time thinking.

. Music can also be used to promote positive habitual behaviours. As we listen to different styles of music we relate them to specific actions. As we repeat soundtracks that we relate to working and being productive we are then also likely to carry out the behaviour physically.

Social Attributes

As our behaviour can reflect the style of sound that we are listening to, we can unconsciously approach social situations and therefore create a pattern of behaviour with the way in which we interact with others. This, of course, can reflect positive and negative behaviour.

. Soothing sounds such as songbirds or waves crashing against the shore are scientifically proven to put us into a state of peace. This can also be used with music that we personally relate to as soothing and as a result, when we approach others, we project a calming and passive energy.

. There is also the benefit of music being experienced communally and can create a sensation camaraderie and connection. This has been proven to enable an office environment to be more productive and less hostile in nature.

Companies such as Clearfocus (a mental health training company) say “Although music is seen to have diverse effects on the way we behave and interact with others, if it is used in the appropriate setting and style, the evidence indicates a clear improvement in mental health and in productivity.”

In conclusion, music can be used as a tool to benefit the well-being of employees and as a result, benefit the quality of work that is being delivered.

Other interesting sources:



Classical Music From Around The World

Enjoying live music is always great, and classical music is no different. Check out these live events if you want to experience classic music first hand!

Bregenz, Austria

Austria is often seen as being the hub for classical music, and Bregenz definitely does this reputation justice. Set on a massive “floating” stage on Lake Constance, Bregenz is a genuinely spectacular experience to see and hear.

Gstaad, Switzerland

Famous for its pleasing, outdoors atmosphere Gstaad is a elegant event set in the mountains. During the festival, the main events play in big white tents with poor acoustics, but a great vibe. The smaller acts play in local churches for a more austere experience.

Dartington, Devon

A truly friendly and collaborative event, Dartington is one of the few places where amateurs and professionals come together. Amateurs usually consist of average people with a passion for classical music, who come together to improve their skills in chamber groups or masterclasses.

Spoleto, Italy

Set amongst an idyllic hillside background and populated with exquisite renaissance style palaces, this small Italian village seems to have been designed to hold a festival. Crowds can enjoy the settings and the music in a beautiful sweeping piazza in the middle of the town.

Classical music composers

The most amazing thing to consider about Chopin is that he did not understand orchestration, and he himself even admitted this. He had to have help from his friends, including Liszt, in scoring his two piano concerti.

Chopin simply had a natural gift for melody, and what was pleasing to ear. His works were primarily short piano works, and are the perfect entry point to classical music for their simplicity, directness, and sheer melodic beauty.


Often recognized as the greatest composer of music who has ever lived, whilst Bach was not an innovator of any new style of music, he perfected every single one of them.

From concertos, to fugues (which are noted for their difficulty to write) Bach could do it all, and they were all masterpieces. The Mass in b minor is often argued by musicologists and composers to be the single greatest work of music ever written, in any genre or style.


Volatile and musically gifted beyond comparison, new maverick talents are often compared to Mozart. However, there can’t be any replacement for his contributions to the world of music.

He wrote 27 piano concerti, 36 violin, cello, church sonatas and organ pieces 18 masses, 41 symphonies, 4 horn concerti, 20 string quartets… and many more.

No one else created a body of work quite as diverse and eclectic in the field of classical music as Mozart.


Often credited as the greatest songwriter of all time…Schubert simply loved to write. His passion for writing was such that as soon as he finished one piece of music, he would throw it to the floor, grab another sheet of paper and start another.

One of his finest works “Hark, Hark, the lark” he wrote on the back of a beer hall receipt, all in one sitting. During the sixteen years of his career, Schubert wrote an astonishing 650 songs.